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Beautiful skin is attainable. You don’t have to live with scars, acne, stretch marks, spider veins, brown spots, rosacea, cellulite and other skin conditions. Let us enhance your skin smoothness and glow with our high tech equipment and expert techniques.

VINA Laser Med Spa offers premier beauty services that are convenient and affordable to residents in Saginaw, Bay City, Midland, Frankenmuth, and surrounding areas. Call us today to book your next appointment (989) 791-2020.

Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are a common part of life for many men and women, but there is a treatment for smoother, better-looking skin without surgery. The 1540 Fractional laser delivers pulses of laser light into the skin to target and breakdown stretch marks.

Stretch Marks treatment Saginaw

Spider Vein Treatment

No longer feel the need to cover your legs! Show them off with our IPL Laser leg vein removal. This non-invasive treatment can improve the appearance of your legs with excellent outcomes for spider and reticular veins.

spider vein treatment saginaw vina laser med spa

Scar Removal and Reduction Treatment

The 1540 Fractional Laser is a great option for acne or surgical scars on any area of the body. Pulses of laser light target and break down scar tissue to generate healthy new tissue to form, leaving skin smooth and more even.

Scar removaland reduction treatment saginaw vina laser med spa

Brown Spot Treatment

Light-based skin revitalization is a non-surgical treatment that will improve your skin’s appearance. Clear away undesirable brown spots and reveal clearer, more beautiful skin.

brown spot treatment saginaw vina laser med spa

Rosacea Treatment

Our IPL laser targets unwanted pigment and vessels within your skin, clearing away rosacea through your body’s natural healing process.

rosacea treatment saginaw vina laser med spa

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the dimpled-looking skin that commonly occurs in the thigh region. It forms when fatty tissue deep in the skin pushes up against connective tissue. We offer various forms of treatment.

cellulite treatment saginaw vina laser med spa

Sun Damage Treatment

Reverse the signs of sun damage and get the glowing results you desire! IPL laser treatment offers excellent results with no downtime.

sun damaged skin treatment vina laser med spa

Skin Tightening Treatment

Find the best treatment for you at VINA laser Med Spa for skin tightening! Our Fractional Non-Ablative laser delivers energy deep into the skin, affecting old skin cells and generating new collagen. Our SkinPen, a microneedling device, promotes new collagen growth to achieve beautiful and smoother skin. A consultation with Dr. Bulusu will help discover the best treatment route for you to achieve tighter and younger-looking skin.

skin tightening treatment vina laser med spa

Wrinkle Reduction Treatment

Achieve wrinkle reduction with a treatment focused on your skin. Treatments with our state-of-the-art lasers, injections such as Botox and Juvederm, or Microneedling are all options to help reduce wrinkles and leave you with younger-looking skin. Set up a consultation with Dr. Bulusu to find out your treatment plan!

wrinkle reduction treatment vina laser med spa

Double Chin Treatment

Looking for a way to get rid of your double chin without having incisional surgery? Warm SculpSure is the non-invasive alternative! Achieve the results you want.

double chin treatment vina laser med spa

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Find the treatment for you to reduce those fine lines and wrinkles. Set up a consultation with Dr. Bulusu and discover treatments to help you achieve the skin of your dreams! Lasers, injections, microneedling, microdermabrasions, and products are all offered here at VINA Laser Med Spa.

fine lines and wrinkle treatment | vina laser med spa

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